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Welcome To Munchies Food Tour - Our Journey

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Hello, world!

It's official. The world's #1 Munchies Food Tour has officially hit Amsterdam!

We thought we'd say, "Welcome!" and share our "Why, How, What". Simon Sinek would be proud.

The What and How

First of all, our names are Alexandra and Rachael. If you wanna get to know us a little, go on and read the "About" section. In it, we shared how we came up with the idea of Munchies. It's all true. In short, we were enjoying some greens after dinner, while watching a Ted talk (the movie). The munchies struck, and we asked ourselves, "How cool would it be to have a food experience for people with the munchies?".

The rest is history.

On 19th April 2019 (it was a Friday), we marched into the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam and registered Munchies Food Tours as a business.

On 20th April 2019, it became official.

The Work

Then it began. The hunt for the best of the best local foodie hot spots in Amsterdam.

But where should we begin?

Amsterdam has many great places and neighbourhoods. But nowhere is more iconic and appropriate for Munchies Food Tour than our very own Haarmemmerstraat aka Amsterdam's "High Street". Coffeeshops line the street, alongside grocery stores and other great local businesses. A neighbourhood that has seen a lot of changes, mostly positive, thanks to the amazing local establishments and namely coffeeshops that had come together to make it a beautiful space for all. So much so, that it won "Best Shopping Street In The Netherlands 2011". We knew we just had to plant our feet there.

So we ate our way through the street. Simply put, it's perfect.

For a street with more than 200+ independent stores, it has its fair share of reputable and highly acclaimed local eateries and restaurants that fit the bill for Salt, Fat and Sugar (munchies demand these things).

What's more. Some of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam operate here.

So we reached out to them. And we had the pleasure of connecting with the top guns of the cannabis world in Amsterdam (namely, CoffeeshopAmsterdam and Amsterdam Genetics that own the Coffeeshop Info Center Amsterdam).

They liked our idea and we decided to partner up to give our guests the best coffeeshop experience and cannabis education in Amsterdam.

Munchies Food Tour now not only has great food, but also a meet-and-greet with a THC sommelier, and an Amsterdam "coffee break" at one of Amsterdam's finest coffeeshops.

Amazing food + fantastic coffeeshop and cannabis experience.

We're off to a great start. And here's why we do what we do.

Our Why

In our research, our search for a food tour focused on the munchies came up empty - we're talking worldwide. So we thought it was high time for one. And there is no better place to begin than with the godfather city of cannabis, Amsterdam.

Every year, 1,5 million visitors enjoy Amsterdam's coffeeshops. When the munchies strike, everyone has to eat, right? Instead of Nutella crepes and oversized waffles, we decided to create a food experience that takes our guests' Amsterdam food experience to a higher level.

Cannabis and food are two iconic Amsterdam themes and we decided to combine them.

To give our guests the perfect mix of Dutch "eat-ssentials" and the best international dishes that satisfy the munchies, as well as tell the story of Amsterdam.

And to educate them on our coffeeshop culture and share fun tidbits about our city.

Most of all, to give everyone a great time and a platform to #coffeeshopeatrepeat in a safe, responsible and funky way.

What's Ahead

So there you have it. The first Munchies Food Tour ever has now begun.

Take a walk with us. Come #coffeeshopeatrepeat with us.

It'll be the highlight of your trip. Promise.

B*ng appetit!

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