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Get Smart Before You Get High // Coffeeshop Info Centre Amsterdam

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Every year, 1,5 million visitors come to Amsterdam to enjoy cannabis at our world renowned coffeeshops. And for good reason. Amsterdam's coffeeshops are social gathering places; Worlds apart from dispensaries elsewhere in the world where one can purchase but not enjoy on the spot. No wonder our cannabis culture is special and unparalleled.

A good chunk of visitors have long enjoyed these greens. They know what to expect and do. Then there is a good number who are trying it for the first time. Whether you're a weed veteran or virgin, in Amsterdam, it's a good idea to get smart before you get high.

Enters Coffeeshop Info Centre Amsterdam - Amsterdam's professional Cannabis Connoisseurs, the innovative authority on seeds, weeds, and informational needs.

What More Could You Want?

First of all, the space is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.

Light, airy, immaculate. You know you've entered a professional space that operates at the highest standards (pun completely unintended, but hey).

Upon entering, you're greeted warmly by one of their Cannabis Sommeliers. Tony, Francesca and Alex do an amazing job at making you feel welcomed, safe, and to gently guide you into the world of cannabis. With their interactive screens and candid answers to all your burning questions, they're a wealth of knowledge to point you to the latest and greatest in the cannabis world of Amsterdam.

The store itself has got everything from branded weed accessories (grinders, rolling paper, lighter, etc), to their homemade CBD-infused tartlettes and the amazing all vegan "Wunderbars" (our favourite is undoubtedly the coconut, date, and walnut), and cool merchandise that ranges from T-shirts, caps and sneakers in collaboration with Nike.


Make a trip to the Coffeeshop Info Centre Amsterdam before your trip.

Or join us for a Munchies Food Tour! Meet a Cannabis Connoisseur, try their famous "Wunderbar", learn about cannabis, and a little surprise awaits all our guests.

Come #coffeeshopeatrepeat with us!

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