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Amsterdam Genetics // The Next Generation Seed Bank

Can you imagine a world without Google?

We certainly can't. In this age of information and speed, we're spoiled with the advantage of being born into technology. You can find anything online (google "smurf amsterdam" and see what comes up). All within the reach of your sweet, sweet finger tips.

So where can one shop with the same ease for all things cannabis - seeds and your every stoner's need? With Amsterdam Genetics, you can.

A new realm of possibilities opens...

Amsterdam Genetics Girls And Farmer Boys

Under the capable hands of local entrepreneur, Mariska, who entered the cannabis world through a part-time job at a coffeeshop in the 90's, Amsterdam Genetics and their 4 prestigious coffeeshops "Boerejongens" (Farmer Boys) have been at the top of their game for over 20 years. Today Mariska and her sister Marlies are two of the commanders-in-chief of Amsterdam's cannabis world. They also started the Coffeeshop Info Center Amsterdam which aims to educate and inform visitors about the ins and outs of cannabis and coffeeshops. Read more about it here.

Everything You Ever Want

Like we'd established earlier, Amsterdam Genetics is the Google of seeds and every stoner's need.

Not only will you find information about CBD, THC, and ABC (kidding), you will also find everything from grinders, cosmetics, to merchandise and rolling paper. Bleached and unbleached, baby.

Did we mention delivery? Yes, they deliver. Across borders and oceans. As long as your country permits cannabis, of course.

As a seed bank, the choices are endless. And premium. But the best thing? Amsterdam Genetics believes in providing premium products at affordable prices. High-llelujah.


For a one-stop shop for all things seeds and your every stoner's need, look no further than Amsterdam Genetics. And hit up their very own Boerejongens Coffeeshops for the ultimate smoking experience in Amsterdam. You can also find Amsterdam Genetics products at other affiliated high quality coffeeshops like Tweede Kamer and CoffeeshopAmsterdam.

Enjoy happiness you can buy!

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